Holiday Experience During the Pandemic

  First of all, I would like to briefly mention the case of corona in Turkey. We are currently in the process of normalization. We had many restrictions naturally. For example; curfew had declared for citizens over sixty-five years of age defined as the primary high-risk group. Also, it was declared that curfew for those under twenty years of age. Many businesses such as gyms, hairdressers, malls been closed. Intercity travel was also among the restrictions.

  Most of these restrictions have been removed. I can't remember exactly when - maybe a month ago -.  Even though it feels good to be in the normalization process months later, people are still afraid to go out. It is said to be early to go on a holiday. I also think like that but my father had been working on a campervan to go on a holiday in a quiet place, away from people, away from coronavirus! So we went on a holiday last weekend.

  We went to Alanya and had many unexpected situations. The first is there was incredibly crowded. There was no precaution for coronavirus. No one was wearing a mask (only me, really!), no social distance too. Here I felt like I was on another planet, on a planet without coronavirus. So we could spend only one night in this place where we actually had planned to stay for two weeks.

  Moreover, crowd and no precaution were not the only problems. I wanted to swim and tried to swim away from people. I am a good swimmer so I usually go too far. I did it again. The sea was very warm, I loved it. My favourite position in the sea is backstroke. I really feel peaceful and relaxed when I position myself like that. So I went far away in the sea, closed my eyes laying down, motionlessly.

  On the calm and bright sea, the clouds in the sky were jealousy my comfort and descend into the sea. Because the sparkling sky I saw when I opened my eyes and that feeling that relaxed all the muscles on my back under me must be much more than what I see with my eyes or in the photos. Yes, it could not be the only effects of the sea.

  Everything was so beautiful until something touched my back. I was startled and I straightened up in the sea. And then a big wave dragged me towards the big rocks in the sea. If I didn't know how to get rid of this situation, if I weren't a good swimmer and was panicked, I would have drowned hundred per cent. Because I was far from people alone and there was no lifeguard. As a result, I was able to reach the beach with seventeen cuts, deep wounds and bruising. People were looking at me as if they saw a zombie because blood was flowing from all over me. Some began to say that there are large rocks at the sea. Ok, thank you for saying it now! There should have been a warning about that.

  I immediately went back to the campervan. My mom took care of my injuries. The other day we decided to go back to home. I know it is not a good memory for a new blog and first post but I want to write about the newest one.

  Note: My native language is not English so there may be mistakes in my articles. You can report these mistakes to me.

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